“I think I’ve turned furry already”. The furry BOOM

“Bye furry.” It was the funny phrase that motivated me to write these lines. An innocent phrase from a girl who said goodbye happily, openly pointing me out as belonging to the Furry community.

Why do the “Normies” unexpectedly point to this community with such confidence?

Thanks to the Latin dubbing, we find incredible gems, like the one made by Luis Leonardo Suárez in Komi san can’t communicate, a fantastic acquisition by Netflix for its Original Series catalog, where Najimi Osana shows us as androgyny embodied in a personality bordering on social pathology, shouting without hesitation “I think I’ve turned furry already” when asked by a colleague: “Have you seen Beastars yet?” (Another incredible original production of the platform).

In Spanish dubbing, this scene is a gem.

And if it is true that Beastars has had a great influence on the new lovers of Japanese animation, it is not the only one that presents great stories with anthropomorphic animals as main characters. Among the most current and most important in these years of pandemic we can mention BeastarsAgretsukoBNA to give a few examples, although series like the beloved Inuyasha falls into this category (That’s right, if your crush was Inuyasha or Sesshōmaru you are officially informed that you are a furry closet girl).

BEASTARS. A great Netflix story with anthropomorphic characters.
BEASTARS. A great Netflix story with anthropomorphic characters.

So, if I liked those series, am I furry?

I mean, yes… but no…, not exactly, things are a bit more interesting, and like all fandoms, there are very extreme people who may not even like anime.

Furry comes from fur and is a fantastic genre community, also called Furries, Furry, Furdom or Furry Fandom, where they share a taste for characters from stories based on animals but with human characteristics. You know, walking on two legs, having an articulated tongue, sitting at a table eating, going to school, sniffing your partner, going to the office to account for a frustrating and poorly paid activity. And that taste is sometimes so great that they even create an Alter Ego based on that taste, and this is where things get good, since even your gentlemanly and attentive psychiatrist, or your daughter’s preschool teacher could be complete fursons who attend furcons as fursiuters. How did this escalate so fast? Well, I’ll explain some terms before you get horrified.

To start with the basics, furson is what that Alter Ego is called, or created personality that projects their taste… let’s call it “a character” with which the person identifies and usually role-plays with. (Don’t miss our article soon on ROL, types and why the Lemon should be part of compulsory education from high school). This furson usually “dresses” the person who created it with other characteristics. That is to say, it is not limited to the real characteristics, so my furson can easily be a red dog with black ears with large and tender green and yellow eyes, with a playful and obedient but mischievous personality (And with the above I do not confirm or I deny that it is). The furson is a very important part of this fandom, since it is common for you to want to share ideas, stories or try to test your new personality with other fursons without being judged.

Vivian, a   KymmaFox commission . All rights to its creator
Vivian, a KymmaFox commission. All rights to its creator

But if you already have the personality and image in mind or even illustrated, you probably want to take it to the next level. Why not be your furson in real life? That is, not permanently, but just as you dress up as another personality, you can acquire or create your Fursuit, which is a costume that represents your furson in reality. These Fursuits come in various forms, starting from basic sets of ears and tail, more complete including the head and 4 claws, to full suits, with leg modifiers. Everything is for being less you and more him. As a curious fact, these suits can cost from $500 USD to more than $2,500 USD new and auctioned have paid up to $50,000 USD in very special editions. And do you think a lot about playing golf?

In Mexican Pesos

You are already a furry with a complete fursuit… and now TO KNOW MORE PEOPLE LIKE YOU!! Simple events called Furmeets are created for this, and are usually organized by groups of unofficial fandoms. On many occasions nobody knows who is under those masks, so it is a security measure to at least know the image of the fursons who attend.

Furmeet from FaIM, a CDMX fandom. Image taken from his Amino page.
Furmeet from FaIM, a CDMX fandom. Image taken from his Amino page.

Now, if you are not very social, you can attend Furcons, which are large events, organized by companies in a safe place, with additional security and that are more dedicated to playing and selling things like series, accessories and miscellaneous items that could interest the community.

…does that really exist? I have never seen anything like it.

Well, you’d be surprised how many things are run by furries in popular culture. Just think what characters you follow as Youtubers, VTubers, influencers from any platform that you like and usually have little ears, paws, a tail, they paint cat whiskers, they say NYA… or in many series.

VTuber Kendo Murft, Illustrated by Kyle Draw
VTuber Kendo Murft, Illustrated by Kyle Draw

There is so much more to say about this community. If this note has been to your liking, tell us on any of our social networks. There are interesting things to tell like filias, customs and more things that YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE.