A means of communication focused on you, your needs and the way you consume content.

The way of communicating changes constantly and who would have thought that traditional media would be reached and even surpassed by new ones, such as social networks, podcasts, websites and digital newspapers.

There is a large amount of mass information media, some have been adapted to the new platforms and others have evolved as a result of them.

Who gives more?

We are used to having information at the moment, often false or incomplete and that we do not ask for. We consume it because it is what it is without questioning its veracity. We can say that we have converted the society of knowledge society of knowledge into the society of forced ignorance.

Everything I know about gossip, I know against my will

social media users

Whoops, looks like we have a problem

Just one? Lol! “If you want something to be done well, do it yourself” is the maxim that motivates us when analyzing the amount of hoaxes, fake news, information with bought opinions from day to day. We get fed up that they want to control our thinking through biased and chosen information with the intention of making us believe something specific. We got tired of the media blitz of certain topics that we didn’t even want to see in the first place.

Other media, especially the well-known ones, tell the news in half measures, since it is well known that they defend the interests of some politicians or corporations.

How many times have we seen how they lie to us? How many times has information been handled in a vague, ambiguous and superficial way? 

That is why Proyecto Saturno was born from the need to transmit information in a conscious, truthful, critical manner, open to debate and, above all, respecting freedom of expression.

Why we?

We are a group of picky eaters of information who do not seek to swallow whatever they serve us, but choose with care and dedication what will nourish us knowing that it is trustworthy and will leave us with a good and lasting taste. We do not intend to sell gourmet tacos, but to offer the tastiest tacos that do not cause verbiage (So as not to be talking nonsense later).

Our proposal

This space is created by a group of young people who seek to publicize very varied topics and the most current news and always reflected from another angle. In addition, we are committed to sharing our knowledge in different specialties in a professional, simple and clear way. 

We are united by passion, creativity and commitment. Each one of us differs in our tastes, interests and perspectives, but it’s precisely those aspects that give this project a differential value.

Is one more portal necessary?

Yes. And it’s not that we are just another portal, but a  . Digital Ecosystem

Ecosistema Digital
Digital ecosystem

In this way, we can get closer to you through the means you have at hand. We want to accompany you, share with you, entertain you and get to know the world around us without lies. We want to interact with you on Twitch or have a nice chat with you while you work out. Learn a couple of things together in those moments checking social networks. We also spend some time on networks and the last thing we want to find is people scolding us or selling us their opinion for which they have already been paid.

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And well, all this to tell you…

We have designed this space with a lot of love, to offer you a refuge from what you are supposed to want. Come with us, leave us your comments, send us a WhatsApp with your questions. Do you want us to talk about something? If we are not specialists in that, we will look for a way to find someone who speaks the truth to us.

Thanks for reading this, our first entry. Welcome, my house is your house.